Partnership cooperation

1. Contract conclusion with SECTRAN

If you wish to start online driver registration, a service contract must be concluded with SECTRAN, which requires the provision of your company data and the appointment of the registrar staff. Moreover, the company verification fee (20 EUR+VAT) shall be also paid, which will be credited from the first driver registration fee.

2. Access to the DiDb application

Each registrar will act as a data processor, so in accordance with GDPR rules, each user will get unique access codes to the online platform serving for DiDb registrations.

3. Online training of registrars

The fast, online training of registrars is carried out by our qualified, multilingual colleagues, but we also make the educational material showing the entire process available in pdf format.

4. Registration initiation and support

Our collegaues will provide full support for the initial steps of the registration activity, as well as smooth, day-to-day support for the operation.

5. Invoicing, payment

We issue a consolidated monthly invoice for services performed by carriers' registrars and also for. services used in SECTRAN offices, which the contracted customer pays by bank transfer

If you have any further questions regarding the conclusion of the contract, contact our colleague (weekdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

If you have received answers to all your questions, you can enter all the data necessary for concluding a contract in advance on the interface below:

Ibolya Erdős

Carrier Customer Relations

| +36 20 331 1641