Send DiDb qualified drivers
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Benefits of DiDb system for carriers

Employment of drivers qualified by an independent company can mean a significant competitive advantage

Transport security and client satisfaction can be improved, while the number of risks, losses and incidents can be decreased

A constantly growing common database  will be created, from which all market players - including your company - can benefit

I wish to register my drivers in the DiDb database

Principals are looking for carriers who deliver their shipments safely and on time.

DiDb provides effective support in this, since truck drivers registered in the DiDb database:

✓  They are subject to independent and real verification

✓  Personal and professional background is also checked

✓  Their reliability is constantly rated by DiDb users

✓  Their performance is under constant control

Driver registration and card types

Registration types

Carrier registration

Online driver registration for carriers requires a contract conclusion and registrar training, but its fees are much more favorable and can be done 24/7, thus providing much more flexibility.

DiDb office registration

Driver registration in our offices can be started immediately, as it does not require the conclusion of a separate contract, but the opening hours of the offices are limited and the fees for the services are higher.

Card types



More favorable price compared to the physical card.
Up-to-date information about DiDb status and membership validity.
More sustainable, no need to store another plastic card.
Easy and fast download on Play | from the App Store

Physical card

Physical card

Not having a smartphone for users.
Averse to the use of mobile applications it is also beneficial for drivers.

Partnership cooperation

The process of contract conclusion necessary to start the online driver registration can be significantly accelerated if you provide your company's data and the contact information of the colleagues managing the registration.


Contract with SECTRAN


Access to the DiDb application


Online training of registrars


Registration and support


Invoicing, payment